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Apostille refers to Authentication or legalization. It is applied only to the original documents. This means that the documents come from a recognized state authority and Documents are Genuine. The Apostille is Required in countries that are members of the Hague Convention, and India is also one among them. According to the Hague Convention of 1961, there are many countries that require a document to go through the Apostille process prior to being presented. These documents are first attested by Mumbai Mantralaya, State Home Department or Sub Divisional Magistrate and then it goes to Ministry of External Affairs. In India, only MEA has the Authority to issue the Apostille Stamp.

We offer services for obtaining the MEA Apostille certification for various documents. If, you are seeking employment overseas, Going for Study Visa, Applying Dependent Visa, Applying Long term Visa of Applying PR of Citizenship in any of the Hauge Convention Country an Apostille certificate is needed to check on a Genuineness of the documents. To obtain the Apostille certificate, we are listed among the top service providers in the country.

Our company offers the reliable services for legalizing the documents. An Apostille certificate has a raised seal and serial number that is used for validating the Apostille’s authenticity. It provides some assurance and helps to reduce the burden on local courts and embassies certifying documents. Generally, the certificates are issued by the state from which the document originates. The documents with an Apostille Certificate confirm the authenticity of signatures and seals, and can be presented to any country that recognizes the Apostille. With these documents, no other evidence or proof is required by them.

We have served a number of customers, offering our services for various educational certificates, Degree, Marriage, Birth or Death Certificate. In addition, we also offer Police Clearance Certificate Apostille, Power Of Attorney Certificate Apostille, Provisional Certificate Apostille, Single Status certificate, Registration Certificate Apostille, SSC Certificate Apostille and more.

Some of the List of Documents is as Below:

Educational Certificate Apostille Services

Degree Certificate Apostille

Master Degree Certificate Apostilles

MBBS Degree Certificate Apostille

BDS Degree Certificate Apostille

Engineering Certificate Apostille

BAMS Degree Certificate Apostille

B.Com Degree Certificate Apostille

Pharmacy Degree Certificate Apostille

B.Sc. Degree Certificate Apostille

BA Degree Certificate Apostille

Diploma Certificate Apostille

MBA Degree Certificate Apostille

BBA Degree Certificate Apostille

PHD Degree Certificate Apostille

Higher Secondary Level Certificate Apostilles

B-Tech Degree Certificate Apostilles

Management Degree Certificate Apostilles

Non-Educational Certificate Apostille Services

Marriage Certificate Apostilles

Birth Certificate Apostilles

Transfer Certificate Apostilles

Divorce Certificate Apostilles

Death Certificate Apostilles

Experience Certificate Apostilles

Medical Certificate Apostilles

Police Clearance Certificate Apostilles

Finger Print  Apostille

Copy of Passport  Apostille

Power of Attorney  Apostille

Commercial Certificate Apostille Services

Letter of Incorporation Apostille

Memorandum of Association Apostille

Article of Association Apostille

Board Resolution Apostille

Commercial Invoice Apostille

Export Assistance Document Apostille

GMP Certificate Apostille

Free Sales Document Apostille

Bank Statement Apostille

Commercial POA Apostille

Apostille is done on the backside of the Original Documents. For Some Commercial Documents, it can be done on its coloured xerox copy. But the Xerox copy should must contain Company’s Seal and Signature

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